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Hair protein therapy
Repairing DamageRestoring StrengthEnhancing ElasticityReducing FrizzMoisture Retention

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Hair protein therapy is a treatment designed to strengthen and repair damaged hair by infusing proteins into the hair shaft.

Proteins are essential components of hair, and they help maintain its structure, strength, and overall health. Common proteins used in these treatments include keratin, collagen, and amino acids.

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Hair protein therapy Frequently Asked Questions !

Healthy hair exhibits resilience by stretching before returning to its original state when gently pulled. In contrast, protein-deficient hair tends to stretch but is more prone to breakage.

For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to apply protein treatments following hair shampooing.

Initially, use light hair protein treatments weekly for the first month to restore strength and elasticity. Afterwards, reduce usage to once or twice a month. Intense protein treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. Follow product instructions and consult your stylist. Complex in-salon protein treatments with temporary coating effects should be repeated every 4-6 months.

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Repairing Damage :

This treatment is designed to address and repair damage inflicted by various factors, including heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors. Its goal is to rejuvenate and restore the health of the hair, mitigating the impact of these detrimental elements for a revitalized and resilient mane.

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Restoring Strength :

Hair protein therapy serves as a transformative treatment that actively strengthens the structural integrity of the hair. Through the infusion of essential proteins, this therapeutic process significantly reduces the occurrence of breakage, contributing to the overall durability and robustness of the hair strands. The proteins work in tandem to replenish and fortify the hair, addressing weaknesses caused by various factors such as styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors. This holistic approach not only repairs existing damage but also establishes a foundation for long-term hair health. With each session of protein therapy, the hair undergoes a rejuvenating transformation, becoming more resilient, nourished, and fortified against the rigors of daily styling and environmental factors.

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Enhancing Elasticity :

Hair protein therapy emerges as a valuable solution in enhancing the elasticity of the hair, imparting a newfound resilience that shields against damage and breakage. By incorporating essential proteins into the hair structure, this therapy promotes flexibility, reducing the likelihood of hair strands becoming brittle and prone to breakage. The treatment's focus on elasticity not only contributes to the overall strength of the hair but also ensures that it can withstand various stressors, such as heat styling and environmental factors. As a result, hair subjected to protein therapy exhibits a more robust and durable quality, reflecting improved elasticity and a heightened ability to endure daily styling challenges.

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